You Don't Miss A Thing

“In a crowd of 10,000…You don’t miss a thing”… For me, this is the most miraculous thing about the love of The Lord. He doesn’t miss a single moment. Not even a breath. Not a hair on my head goes unnoticed. Not one thought is unknown to Him. Consistently. Faithfully. Hands down. Every single time I reach out to Him, not only does He see me, but He meets me exactly where I am. And each time, I can feel his loving arms wrap around me and I hear a soft whisper that goes something like this… “My child, I have seen you all along. I have been here all along. Right here with you.”

I wonder if the woman that reached out for Jesus’ cloak felt this as well. At the end of herself, out of sheer desperation, she reached out and was immediately changed. Forever. From the deepest most inside depths of her soul she reached out and met her Maker.  I can imagine what she must have thought. I can imagine that it would be much like what I have thought. Amazed and in awe at the truth that He could love a wretch like me.  I  wonder if she thirsted for it time and time again, and yet just like me, she would forget how close and touchable her Shepherd is. I wonder if she mourned at the fact that she could possibly forget. I do.

As I prepared my heart for this Easter season, I wanted to remember. Remember who my Maker and Healer is. My Shepherd. Emmanuel. I wanted to remember and believe and worship. I hope that you too will remember and believe, especially during this season, that no matter what you have going on you can reach out and touch your Savior.

“In a crowd of 10,000…You don’t miss a thing”…These lyrics from one of my favorite songs on the new Bethel album, along with the background music “Miracles” from Jesus Culture, were highly inspiring while I worshipped.

You can find the songs here:

This video was filmed and produced by Mark Clement of

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