About Us

I’m a graphic designer, storyteller, artist, and the creator of Spirit Orchard.

The Orchard is a place for me to share my life, personal growth, stories, and creative endeavors to be a source of encouragement and inspiration in your life.

The people in the photo with me are some of my greatest inspirations. They are my tribe. 


My hubby, Jason, and I are born and raised Southerners and reside right in the heart of Dixie. We love a warm cup of coffee, a long sit on a the porch, our 2 Basset Hounds, camper traveling, Auburn Football, our neighbors, and a good hard laugh. We love people, even when it's hard. But most of all, we love our kids. All 4 of them. And all the fun and chaos they bring. They are the best pieces of art that I could ever had a hand in. Loving them teaches me more about the love of the Lord than I could have ever understood otherwise.

As for me, I love an empty canvas, piles of paint and paint brushes in mason jars, my Mac and Photoshop, and a good messy desk. My studio is in the heart of my home, with all 4 kiddos running ’round. Being all self-taught, I am a professional at nothing, and definitely still a work in progress. I am totally bent on embracing grace and all the mess and stories that come along with it. If you are super interested in knowing me and my heart behind what I do, just reach out to me.

Everything you come across in the Orchard is either a piece of my walk through life or something that just plain old inspires me and I think might inspire you too. You’ll find homegrown art and designs, on anything I can find, to fill your life with a dose of inspiration. 

Enough about me. I would love to get to know you. I think it’s fun getting to know people and all their different quirks and bents. So holler at me. Subscribe me. Instagram me. Facebook me. Stalk Me. Whatever. Let’s collaborate. Let’s do life and grow and journey together.